Nursery Day

Nursery Day

The Nursery is open from 7:30am - 6:00pm, giving working parents the opportunity to drop off and get to work knowing their children are safe and without the need for nannies.

A simple cereal breakfast is offered until 8:00am. At the beginning and end of each day we facilitate family grouping where children between the ages of 2-4 years have the opportunity to play with each other. Most of the nursery day is spent in the specified rooms.

The staff team plan daily activities which allow children to explore the environment, their interests and passions, and to experiment through play and 'doing'. We are interested in knowing how each child plays and develops at home so we can use this knowledge to support their ongoing development at the nursery. Planning is individual and their learning is captured and documented in each child's Learning Journey.

Above all, we aim for all children to be happy, learning, positively challenged and ready to start school...

You can download a typcial nursery day below:

Phoenix Rising (Baby Room)        Phoenix Risen (Toddler Room)        Cherubs (Pre-School)