About the Nurseries

About the Nursery

LWS Nurseries in Notting Hill Gate are part of the journey your child can make through Lloyd Williamson School. We start with babies from four months old, but toddlers and young children can join our nurseries at any time. We are situated on two sites next door to each other. Our sessions are both part time and full time to support working parents as well as those who want their children to benefit from the social benefits and learning of a nursery setting. We also offer term-time-only places as well as all-year-round. Daily sessions are divided into: morning, afternoon or all day and we open at 7:30am and close at 6:00pm. Parents provide a morning fruit snack and we provide water and milk to drink. Parents also provide their own lunches which we heat up in our Kitchen.

At LWS Nursery, we encourage children to be openly curious and excited about their world. We want them to explore and ask questions without any sense of 'getting it wrong'.

Our nurseries are divided over two settings: 112 Palace Gardens Terrace (4 months - circa 24 months) and 104 Palace Gardens Terrace (circa 2 years old - up to 5 years). The nurseries are affectionately known as PGT 1 and PGT2. They are divided into rooms based on developmental stage and age. Children move between rooms when they are ready and at the discretion of the nursery team:

Phoenix Rising (Baby Room) 4 months to 24 months

Phoenix Risen (Toddler Room) 24 months to 36 months

After these stages, children move between rooms according to the academic year. Children move into Cherubs if their 4th birthday falls between 1st September and the following 31st August.

Cherubs (Pre-School) 3 - 4 years (entering Reception class the following year)

Sprites (Reception)

"This is the friendliest Baby Room in Notting Hill..." (Nursery Parent)

"That you open at 7:30am is a great help - i usually drop off at 8am and get to work on time." (Nursery Parent)