Houses and Uniform

Houses and Uniform

Children from Cherubs upwards are placed into four houses: Badgers, Bears, Tigers and Wolves. Children earn house-points for effort, achievement and positive behaviour choices. We hold an annual sports day consisting both round-robin activities as well as competitive activities. The winning house is awarded the Sports Cup and children get a sports medal to keep. At the end of the year, the overall house winner is announced. We believe that participating in inter-house activities gives all our children an opportunity to learn to win triumphantly as well to lose graciously.

Our children talk about and gain a positive sense of identity be belonging to a house group and we have a strong tradition for each house raising money for charity during the year.

Our uniform is an essential part of nursery and school identity. Children, when they become confident wsalkers, should wear the school issue smock. This is a blue unisex smock available from Billings and Edmonds.

"I love watching Niko rushing up to but it takes me half an hour every night to get him to leave he loves it so much at Nursery" (Nursery Parent)

"Sports day was such a fantastic day... well done guys for organising the event - The Pimm's was delicious" (Nursery Parent)