About the School

About the school


We guarantee small classes – no bigger than 16 children in the main school and nine per class in Reception. We believe that this is integral to children establishing strong relationships with their teacher, getting the support they need, developing a strong work ethic and both maximising and achieving their potential.

Classes are made up of children from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities, but the one thing they have in common is motivation. We do not compare children with one another; we challenge them against their own goals and next steps. This allows children to feel safe, be creative and be curious instead of managing anxiety about ‘not keeping up’. Happy, confident students are available to learn – they develop a rich and positive sense of who they are and can be.

Each class has a name:

Sprites (Reception) Pegasus (Year 1) Dragons (Year 2) Unicorns (Year 3) Griffins (Year 4) Minotaurs (Year 5) Centaurs (Year 6) Chalkers (Years 7-9)

School Day

The school is open from 7:30am-6:00pm. A simple breakfast is offered until 8:00am. Most children typically arrive between 8:00am and 8:30am. Children are supervised together until 8:30am when classrooms open.

7:30am     Breakfast Club

8:30am     Classrooms open

8:45am     Registration

8:50am     Early Morning Lessons

10:10am   Morning Break

10:30am   Late Morning Lessons

12:30pm   Lunch - Sample Menu

1:00pm     Playtime at the Outdoor Venture Centre

1:45pm     Afternoon Lessons

3:30pm     End of the School Day

3:45pm     After School Snack

4:00pm     After School Clubs***

6:00pm     Close

After School Clubs

Tier 1: All age inclusive drop-in club – no additional fee. Children relax, and spend time with other children on activities like board games, team games, drawing, homework and reading. We think of this as a home from home space which is less structured than the school day.

Tier 2: Interest based clubs run by the teachers – small fee per term to cover equipment. Typical clubs on offer are: IT, Arts and Crafts, Chess.

Tier 3: Clubs run by specialists – charged additionally to fees. Typical clubs on offer are: Mad Science, Curious Cooks, Karate, Dance/Ballet, Yoga


Children and staff are placed into four houses: Badgers, Bears, Tigers and Wolves. Children earn house-points for effort, achievement and positive behaviour choices. We hold an annual Sports Day consisting of both round-robin activities as well as competitive athletic activities. The winning house is awarded the Sports Cup on the day and, at the end of the academic year, the overall house winner is announced. Being in inter-house competitions gives all the children an opportunity to learn to loose graciously as well as to win triumphantly - as part of a team.

!Children gain a positive sense of identity by belonging to their house and we have a strong tradition for each house raising money for charity during the year.

Lunches and Snacks

Parents provide their child’s morning fruit snack and we provide water and milk to drink. Our two chefs prepare hot fresh lunches daily and food consists of good old-fashioned, nutritiously balanced, school food cooked from scratch. Menus are available from the School Office.