Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

As a small school, everyone knows everyone from the babies up to our oldest member of staff (no names)! We cherish individuality and self-confidence and our aim is that every child will develop an organic and strong positive sense of self. Every child should learn the gifts and benefits of communication and negotiation in order to understand who they are in relation to others and be able to make positive choices about how they manage themselves and others in a community. We encourage children to take responsibility for their actions and to be willing to engage in negotiation when solving disputes. Intrinsic to our pastoral care at the school is that we value being part of a team and support the needs of both children and staff. There is a courteous informality between teachers and pupils, which is reflected in the use of first names.

This means that children get to understand the nature of respect and adopt an empathic and respectful attitude rather than it being just an inherent demand we make of the children. This is supported by the ‘outstanding’ credited to us by Ofsted for our Child Protection and Health and Safety at the school.

Our traditional house system is made up of children from the age 4-14 years and they are encouraged to be positive role models for each other. New children are assigned a buddy, but in reality, it is always difficult to choose, as all our children love to do this job!

"I love that my 11 year old son knows everyone at the school. We were out one day and he was so happy to see one of the younger children - they played happily together at the park all afternoon. What a joy!" (Year 6 past Parent)

"We have guinea pigs, a hamster, frogs and two axolotls, we even have two rescue dogs. I love my  school!..." (Year 5 Pupil)