About us...

  • We believe that all students are unique and individual, and work with them in small classes
  • Teachers build positive relationships, working with each pupil to be curious, intellectual and creative - we all like to think outside the box - fear of failure is banished and we learn from mistakes
  • Equality and diversity permeates the fabric of our school - we are a family where everyone belongs, based on empathy and respect
  • We encourage partnership and dialogue with parents and children thrive academically whilst enjoying their secondary school years - we cherish their  self-esteem
  • We use a blend of traditional and forward thinking teaching that prepares all students for their future education and for life

Lucy Meyer MPhil

Proprietor & Co-Principal

I want to create a school where every student feels valued and is given the encouragement to become the best that they can be, a place they will leave prepared for the many different directions in which life may take them. This school is a safe, challenging and inspiring environment that builds a passion for life and learning.

Aaron Williams MSc


We provide education in the vibrant, urban setting that is Portobello Road and Notting Hill Gate. We offer a stimulating, supportive learning environment for a diverse community of happy, confident pupils who are eager to learn. Our parents value the importance we place on small classes and personalised learning.

12 Telford Road, LONDON, W10 5SH

020 8962 0345

"Massively supportive"        "Kind and friendly"

"Creates a special atmosphere"


“It was the ethos that attracted me.”

“An environment which is more rounded than other schools”

"It’s much more diverse than other private schools around here"